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Frisenberg. J & Associates Ltd is a privately held Executive Search firm recruiting across EMEA. Through our
European office network the firm recruits leadership, management and sales functions for leading companies across Europe, Middle East & Africa.

We work in partnership with our clients to attract and hire high performing teams of talented sales professionals who have the ability to win market share in existing sectors or successfully launch innovative products and services into new markets.

Through our years in Executive Search we are connected to many of the top managers and leading companies in Europe.

  • We are real head-hunters who will find the candidates from the industry directly through our extraordinary pro active search capabilities – we do not solely rely on our database
  • In addition to providing you with great candidates, from our thorough research, we will also provide you with accurate market knowledge about your competitors, customers and information on the targeted industry
  • Candidates are being head hunted directly through Frisenberg J. & Associates, we do not advertise the positions anywhere
  • If necessary we can work “under cover” and conduct our research without mentioning our clients name, if the search is of sensitive nature
  • Every candidate sent through, is recently approached by us and qualified through our VIP  (valued interview process)
  • Every candidate presented is met face to face by one of our team members to ensure that personal characteristics, corporate culture and ambitions are in line with our clients


  • "Working with Caroline has been both a pleasure and a success as she combines a fine human approach with very efficient professional skills. Able to grasp every details of a complex request and to make it simple but efficient, Caroline is offering all along the search and selection process, good connections, active support combined with a agreeable, fine and friendly advice. Thanks to the above, results of different searches Caroline carried out for me over the several years, have been always fruitful and far above standards.
    In conclusion: I strongly recommend Caroline as she will be the right partner if you want to recruit solid and efficient team members or partners"

    Didier Carraud, Director Europe, NAVTEQ NOKIA
  • "I retained Caroline Frisenberg to conduct a high profile General Manager search for our business. I have been extremely impressed with the way in which Caroline ran the search process and with the quality of the candidates she has presented and her ability to deliver on time. Many other recruiters rely only, or too much, on their existing data. Caroline did a thorough analysis of our company and recognized our needs and the person, character and background most suited to the role. She tailored the research matching our business model, covering the entire market, which generated excellent results. I would definitely recommend Caroline Frisenberg for high-end retained executive search, and I will use her again for all future search mandates."

    Marco Repetto, Chief Executive Officer, UNITEX Group
  • "We have been working with Caroline for several years now. She has successfully recruited several highly skilled software engineers who remain a great asset to our company. I believe a key to her successful recruitment for us is that she has really taken the time to understand the type of person needed not only for the role but also for the company. Caroline is always personable and professional to work with. She has gained a strong understanding of our business requirements and is dedicated to candidate care. She is persistent and thorough in her searches, taking the time to properly meet with and interview all candidates. All of this is reflected in her ability to present suitable, quality candidates and to facilitate successful long-term placement."

    Silje d’Ursel, Manager MARSS

Our Practice Areas

At Frisenberg J. & Associates we undertake each search with great ownership. We employ a robust, detailed-oriented, full-service search process. We use technology to create efficiencies and increase the efficacy of the search and we use our extensive network accumulated over many years in search. We use executive assessment and comprehensive reference checks to ensure we place great people that make a great fit for your company and culture.

Over a decade, we have recruited across EMEA, more specifically we have successfully recruited in 17 countries across various industries. In addition, we are part of the Kennedy Executive Search Partner Network that gives us access to 3 continents, US, Europe and APAC.

Our core competence lies is our ability to deliver complex searches within the given time frame.

Direct search of candidates for (senior-) management positions, senior specialists, executive and non-executive directors

Presentation of candidate through our Valued Interview Process that gives a description of each candidate’s experience, skills, salary expectations and motivation for the role

All our candidates are personally interviewed, references and degrees are checked from the final candidate of choice

Candidates for senior positions are coached during their entire interview process

Life Science

Information Technology

E-commerce & Digital media

Consumer Goods



Work with us



We work on Executive search, specialised recruitment services used to source candidates for senior, executive or other highly specialised positions in organisations throughout EMEA, locally cover Monaco, Nice and Sophia Antipolis. 

We are an Executive Search firm, the positions we work on are never advertised anywhere. Proactive, systematic outreach to find and recruit the best possible executive candidate for the position in question. Our recruitment process is consultative and solution oriented.

We spend considerable amount of time with our clients getting to know the organisation, position, responsibility and all requirements before initiating the search.

As a client, you will receive a weekly update on the progress, we work 100% transparent with our clients. You will see everyone we have, identified, spoken to and who we are in discussion with, throughout the entire search process. We will provide you with feedback on the market perception of your organisation, on compensation levels and other issues that can affect our ability to recruit the best candidate.


If you are in an expansion phase, but are aware that there might be unforeseen changes, Retained Executive Search might not be the best solution as each role is . You can hire us on a monthly Consulting basis, one month at a time, for us to manage your recruitment.

The contract can be stipulated from 1 to 6 months, on a fix fee per month agreeing on the workload and accomplishments of the period.

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